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We are a producer company of communication media, radio, TV, press & news, marketing, web, and independent journalists.

We give our services of strategy communication to the companies that wish to create their media or need help in advertising, marketing, press, media and audiovisual production; also, to the communication media that request a news content, investigation documental, media cover, correspondents, etc.

Located in South Florida, USA – Bogotá & Cali, Colombia.


Together all media channels to showcase our strategic solutions and creativity as well as key language that generate innovative campaigns to effectively reach your goals.


Make a remarkable difference on your strategies. Use videos and photography as essential tools to promote content on your platforms that engages your target.


In this changing world, strategies used in the past days do not achieve the results of before. New, fresh and innovative approaches are needed to succeed. Contact us.

Video & Photography

You can achieve a greatest impact in your ideas, goals or strategies of communication through the video and photography for products, social or events, corporate, video marketing, communication media and live productions.

Website & Social Media

The user today are exposed to a multiple digital platforms and practically They consume all the content through those. We want to invite you to give the step to generate your own content and meeting with your clients through the new digital media of the correct form.

Marketing Strategy

We development an effective digital marketing strategy to help our clients to position their brands, establish a near relation with their customers and increase their sell through different tools and channels.


Media Coverage

We provide a wide cover of news in the local areas for different communications media, TV shows, and newscasts through correspondents, press coverage, events coverage, chronicles, documental, interviews and live productions.

Broadcast Production

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