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We are a full-service marketing agency in South Florida, US. – Bogota & Cali, Colombia, with more than 30 years of experience. From brand development, website design, social media management and content marketing, to designing your next ad campaign, media and audiovisual production, as well as top-notch communication media that requires news content, investigation documental, media cover, correspondents or more.

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It's no longer what you sell, it's about the story you tell

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Films and production

Dramatizing the message enhances your story

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The magical interpretation of the imperceptible

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Radio & TV

Everything communicates, the key is to listen in the silent

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Viral marketing types

With the use of Internet, social networks, email, instant messaging, etc., Viral marketing became a new type of communication which...

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Do more followers mean more sales?

What they say: “Many followers = increased sales” but it really is not entirely true. It is true that if...

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Experiential marketing

Focusing on customer satisfaction can be a smart Marketing Strategy – It results in higher profits than a sales-oriented strategy....

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