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Viral marketing types

With the use of Internet, social networks, email, instant messaging, etc., Viral marketing became a new type of communication which uses marketing techniques that seek to take advantage of these social networks and, in general, any form of electronic communication with content that is widely spread, to achieve the objectives of a company or brand. […]

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Digital marketing during Covid19 – benefits

Our shopping behavior had already begun to take other directions, due to the immersion in our lives of companies like Amazon or Ebay, as the new Coronavirus sweeps the world, consumers are now forced to dramatically change their consumer behaviors. and purchase, depending on digital connectivity to carry out basically any task. For markets with […]

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Digital platforms during the pandemic

Everyone is turned to digital platforms, with people confined to their homes for weeks, Internet use has increased exponentially; This moment must be seen as an opportunity, just to advertise your personal brand or your company, determine yourself to star your own busines. We must adapt our strategy to retain this new "digital" customer. Here [...] Read more
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