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Everyone is turned to digital platforms, with people confined to their homes for weeks, Internet use has increased exponentially; This moment must be seen as an opportunity, just to advertise your personal brand or your company, determine yourself to star your own busines.

We must adapt our strategy to retain this new “digital” customer. Here are some tips:

  • Display Ads: Due to the need to know the last hour, the ads in digital newspapers offer us much more visibility than before.
  • Promote on social networks: due to confinement, its use and consumption is increasing.
  • Develop more video content and use YouTube: curious videos are trending.
  • Consider the possibility of having a page or section addressing the Coronavirus where food distributions, aid applications, among others, are reported.
  • Reinvent yourself at home: Staying idle is not an option, while the data indicates that looking for opportunities in the digital areas is.

IT IS TIME TO ACT!!! DETERMINE YOURSELF TO ENTERPRISE Right now and after this time, your business will be ahead of your competitors.

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