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The technology eye is now looking at the Metaverse. A concept that seeks total digital immersion through a connected universe on the internet. Beyond the change of Facebook or Zuckerberg’s companies, Metaverse will change the world.

“Meta is going to change the rules of the Internet and social media game,” has been said by experts.

But what is the Metaverse?

Metaverse is a connected, three-dimensional representation of the internet. A persistent, social virtual world, in which consumers can jump between different virtual experiences or between the virtual and real representation of the physical world.

A world powered by a virtual economy, with jobs, and the same financial rules and mechanics that govern today’s economies.

It is a space where people meet to play games, go to events, access information, acquire products and services, or just hang out.

Some characteristics of the Metaverse are: Persistent, Reagent, Decentralized, Interoperable, Creativity, and changes the Control Hands.

The opportunities for brands in this regard are endless. Nevertheless, data collection will be the cornerstone of the evolution of metaverses itself.

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