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With the use of Internet, social networks, email, instant messaging, etc., Viral marketing became a new type of communication which uses marketing techniques that seek to take advantage of these social networks and, in general, any form of electronic communication with content that is widely spread, to achieve the objectives of a company or brand. Generally these objectives are based on achieving the recognition of a brand or a product.

The idea is to create a story that appeals to the public, that is unusual or that provokes emotions. People don’t see it as advertising or promotions, but as a real story created for the consumer, and therefore they want to recommend to their friends or share on their social profiles.

Viral marketing is not always free, although it can be cheaper than other marketing strategies.

It never hurts to know the benefits provided by any discipline, such as viral marketing.

  • Low cost. As previously discussed. You just have to think about a great idea and run it – the other part of the job will be done by consumers.
  • Great potential scope. Being viral means going far and quickly, thanks to the speed of viral marketing spreads
  • It is not invasive. Unlike. This type of advertising content is always welcome, because the audience likes it.

• Helps to enhance the brand. You will be able to increase ROI, but also the popularity and reputation of the brand. People will associate positive and viral values ​​to your company.

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